EuroSunday Poker Run series is a fun and casual event that highlights what we love to do, drive our cars. Our series has regional qualifiers where winners can compete in the championship event for ultimate bragging rights. The following is a break-down of how the event works.

Players:  A team consists of the participants riding in a single car. A team can consist of a single driver, or as many passengers as a single vehicle can legally hold.

Objective:  Our poker run is a simple 5-card stud game.  Each team is trying to get the best hand possible.

How to Play: At the start of the event, teams are given a packet with a playing card and a map. The map has a suggested route to the next stop where teams will be able to choose their next packet with a playing card and a map to the next stop. The packet you choose has similar odds as if a dealer dealt you a playing card. There are three stops in the course and the final stop is the finish line. If you follow the suggested route you will cover 154 mile in distance on some fun back roads.

NOTES: This is not a time and distance rally or the fastest car wins event. It is more road rally in back roads of the Fresno. Teams can use the suggest route or if they know the area choose their own path. Think Bull Run TV show. The past winners of our event have been the team in the middle of the groups as there is fewer packets to pick from.

How to Win:  This Poker Run is about the experiences and the adventure, but the prizes at the end are not bad either ;-). The winning team is the one with the best hand at the end of the rally. Payouts are given to the teams with the top three hands. Top three winners are also entered in the drawing for the grand prize after the series is complete. That means you have a 1/12 chance of winning it all.

Payout: First place receives 70%, second place receives 20%, and third place receives 10%. The more participants there are, the bigger the pot will be.

The Event Series: There will be a total of four events. Event are in the Bay area, Sacramento, Fresno/Central Valley and Reno Tahoe.

The Grand Prize. The top three teams from each of the events will be entered into the drawing for FREE TRACK DAY from Hooked on Driving, which has a $300 value.

Discounts for members: EuroSunday Card and Passport Members receive 10% and 20% off respectively for these events. Enter your discount code upon check out to receive your discounted price. If you lost your discount code, email

This is for the Fresno Qualifier - The start line will be at the Fresno EuroSunday at:
704 West Shaw Avenue
Fresno, CA 93704

The finishline and lunch spot will be at::

Sequoia Brewing Company
Suite 107
1188 East Champlain Drive,
Fresno, California 93720

The event costs cover the following:
- Poker buy-in
- Window Decals
- Swag / prizes
- Event Insurance

Non Member

Card Member
10% Off


Passport Members
20% Off




  9:00am to 1:30pm - ish
space dotsdots
  Santana Row Center
3088 Olsen Dr
San Jose, CA

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